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What’s The Problem?

80% of managers don’t believe their organization excels in decision making.

There are several key issues impacting decision-making speed and quality

Minimal Participation

• Missed Innovation

• Increased Risk

• Reduced Employee Engagement

• Lower Quality of Execution

Lack of Transparency

• Minimal governance

• Lost Intellectual Property and Opportunity for Learning

• Inability to Connect Data to Decisions to ROI

Informal Process

• Incomplete Analysis

• Unexplainable Conclusions

• Lower Results

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Example Solutions

Corporate Strategy

• Risk Analysis

• Scenario Planning

• M&A Strategy

Product Management

• Feature Prioritization

• Design Thinking

• Open Innovation

Human Resources

• DEI Strategy

• Participative Policy Development

• Talent Management

Sales & Marketing

• Campaign Planning

• Go To Market Strategy

• Creative Reviews

Customer Service

• QBR Development

• Churn Reduction

• NPS Optimization

Analytics & IT

• Tracking ROI on Analytics

• Project Prioritization

• Requirements Gathering

What our clients and partners say...

The HiveWise Platform

1. Define The Right Decision Process

  • Import Data Visualization (Optional)
  • Select Best Practice Decision Framework
  • Customize the Workflow

2. Collect Input From Stakeholders

  • Assign Missions With Due Dates
  • Enable Frictionless Contribution Through AI-Enhanced Collaborative Surveys, Slack, and/or Microsoft Teams

3. Decide and Measure Results

  • Analyze Input With Advance Reporting
  • Publish Your Decisions With Context
  • Set Goals and Track KPIs

The Business Case

HiveWise is designed to improve decision making across the enterprise via an increase in…


About HiveWise

HiveWise is a first-in-class collective intelligence platform designed to optimize the way organizations analyze complex problems, make better decisions and measure results.

HiveWise equips managers with in-depth and organized input from each one of the relevant experts and stakeholders. In addition to broader decision-making participation, HiveWise provides the analytical structure, and transparency needed to reduce risks while increasing innovation, employee engagement, governance and learning.

Based on twelve years of research at MIT, HiveWise is designed to put the power of collective intelligence and decision sciences to work for you.

The Founders

The Scientist

After more than a decade researching ways to enable people to work together on complex problems at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Dr. Klein met Mark Curtis and together they launched HiveWise.

The Entrepreneur

After selling his last SaaS startup, Branderati, to Sprinklr, Mark began a quest to bring transparency to how data turned into decisions and ROI.

The Engineer

After more than a decade of enterprise and startup experience, Naif took on the challenge of leading the dev team to bring HiveWise to market.


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