Improving transparency and collaboration in research using collective intelligence tools

A new electronic lab notebook concept from the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence offers a focus on collaborative research strategy and decision making. He’s been talking for 10 minutes straight.  Your research team is in their monthly checkpoint meeting with advisors, colleagues and external stakeholders to review your recent progress and key challenges. The meeting […]

HiveWise Use Case: Prioritization

How many times have you been faced with a situation similar to these? Projects: The technology team is over-loaded with project requests from around the company and must focus on the ones that will drive the most value. Partners: Your business development team realizes they are spread too thin trying to manage too many partners […]

Operationalize Your Purpose

Defining your organization’s purpose is only the first step. What is “purpose” and why is it important? Across society and around the world, we are seeing a rejection of Milton Friedman’s idea that corporations exist only to make money. It’s never been more clear that a blind focus on profits will not lead us to […]

Woke-Washing vs. Culture Change: How DEI can really make a difference

Fortune Magazine announced that its 2021 Fortune 500 would include rankings for Diversity and Inclusion. Last year, LinkedIn found that Chief Diversity Officer was the fastest growing C-suite title. DEI has gone mainstream. But, is it working? To get some perspective, I talked to Quionna Allen from Beyond Racial Equity.  Q: It appears that corporate […]

In Search of Analytics ROI

Aka: A HiveWise Origin Story In 2018, I took on a contracting role with an advanced AI analytics startup and decided to try to create a way to accurately track ROI for their clients.  I prioritized this focus on ROI since such hard attribution to value would be a big validation for new client sales, […]

Catching up to the future: An introduction to decision-making transformation

Not too long ago, conversations about the “future of work” used to focus on the macro trends that could eventually impact us in five or ten years. Today however, the “future of work” more often focuses on how we will adapt to – and capitalize on – the tremendous changes that have already taken place.  […]

The Seven Steps to Open Innovation

Introduction It’s decision time. You’re reviewing your options and then it hits you. All of these ideas suck.  I’m sure this has never happened to you. But as we know, great business decisions depend on great ideas. So the question becomes, how do you make sure your organization isn’t limiting its own ability to generate really […]

What is ADRM, why should your increasingly agile organization care?

Part 1: The Rise of Collaboration Looks like we will be doing a lot more remote work for a while. Slack, Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom are now a critical part of our daily work lives. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.   In the rush to keep everyone connected and engaged, businesses are accelerating their […]